Our History

About Us


The Business
Blitz Auto Spa is a full service automotive detailing facility that came to fruition in 2006. It started as a hobby business and grew through word of mouth and continuous support from repeat clientele. Since then, it has grown quadrupled in volume. Servicing all makes, models and years of vehicles in nearly any condition, has helped Blitz Auto Spa to solidify it's position as one of the top detailing facilities in British Columbia. Fiats to Ferraris - they will all receive the same quality and attention to detail. Blitz Auto Spa offers various levels of detailing packages and services, from mini-details and cleans to full paint protection, wheel protection and ceramic coatings. When it comes down to it, we deal with all sorts of vehicles. We have a lot of large SUVs that carry the family around and come in on a regular basis for a wash and spruce up on the interior. We also have clients preparing cars for the local Show-and-Shine that want to walk away with that Blue Ribbon and just need that extra Blitz Auto Spa edge!

The Products
Quality Service is about also utilizing quality products. We are always on the hunt for the products and tools that will yield even better results. Presently we use Rupes Polishers out of Italy. They are state-of-the-art random orbital polishers ensuring we don't have to worry about swirling, burning, halos or 3D effects. We are also Certified and Accredited with both Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq Ceramic coatings. These products are the game changers in the industry with regards to improving the gloss and look of factory paint, keeping maintenance on vehicle finishes lower, as well as improving the resistance to chemical and biological damage to the paint surface.

The Technicians
The backbone to any business is the staff, and at Blitz Auto Spa, this couldn't ring more true. Our technicians are quality, trained and skilled individuals that take pride in what they do. Depending on the time of year, we have 7-12 full-time technicians working their magic in our 4000 sq./ft. facility. It can get pretty busy in here, and that's why we are so thankful to our staff for being professional and always treating our clientele with respect.