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  • by Administrator
  • 22-03-2022

Ceramic Pro Car Care

Blitz Auto Spa is proud to be an authorized installer of Gtechniq ceramic coatings. Our experienced team of technicians have a passion in offering Gtechniq to our clients to help protect their paint and aid in restoring it to it's former luster.


1. What is Gtechniq?

Gtechniq was born out of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products, with a focus on protective coatings – the cornerstone of our success. The Gtechniq brand aims to produce the most innovative surface care products in the world following the discovery that other so called ‘long-life’ aftermarket coatings simply did not come anywhere close to their marketing claims. In 2004, scientists at Gtechniq created a superior line of products aimed at perfecting all car surfaces. And over the last 10 years, these products have been continually improved to provide a range that outshines and outlasts the competition. If you want the best protection for your car, boat, aeroplane or home, then look no further. Gtechniq bridges the gap between innovation and reality, engineering the world’s best surface care products. All of our products are based on science, innovative materials and ease of use. They have been designed to deliver maximum long term visual impact, protecting against the elements and day-to-day use. Gtechniq incorporates smart surface science into every product it produces. By harnessing the performance of nano scale composite materials and testing them to extremes, smart surface science offers a guarantee that our polishes, cleaners and deep gloss coatings work harder, smarter and more easily than anything else you have ever tried.


2. What Gtechniq Services Are Available?

At Blitz Auto Spa we offer the full range of Gtechniq Ceramic Coating. From c1 Crystal and C2 V3 Crystal to Exo V4 and specifics like; Fabric, Interior, Soft-Top, Smart Glass, Trim and Wheel Armor. No matter what your needs, we have the Ceramic Pro solution.


3. How Long Does It Take To Apply?

The times can really vary depending on the vehicle. Best bet is to contact us and let us know what your vehicle is, then we can give you more information.


Blitz Auto Spa has over 15 years of auto detailing and car care experience. We can help keep your vehicle looking great all year round. You can count on our team of professionals to treat you and your vehicle with the utmost care and respect. We serve customers in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.


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